Automatically Combine Book Sales & Expenses

Save time and make better business decisions by auto-importing daily book royalties and ad expenses across multiple marketplaces into one dashboard, to understand how profitable your books are.

Available for Chrome, PC, & Mac:

Publishwide Daily Sales & Expenses Dashboard

Data Publishers Need to Succeed

Publishwide gives publishers & self-published authors deeper insights into how books are performing by combining sales data & ad expenses into one dashboard.

Compare the performance of any ad being run to any book with their earned royalties, and get a clearer picture of profitability.

We currently support: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Amazon Ads (AMS) including all international, Facebook & Instagram Ads, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble (NookPress), Draft2Digital, Kobo

Find Low
Performing Ads

Quickly find the winning and losing ads so that you stop wasting money and improve your ROI.

Discover Book Profitability

Track all ad and manual expenses for a book to see its profitability – not just its royalties.

Build Custom Dashboards

Create your own dashboards to zero in on the exact information you need to make profitable decisions

Daily Data

View daily book stats by author, marketplace, format – or tag your books and get even deeper insights.

How It Works

Here is a quick run down on how Publishwide works:

Setup & Configuration

Sign up for a free 14 day trial (no credit card required), configure your account basics, & download our Sync app (via Chrome extension, or standalone app for PC or Mac).

Customize features like:

  • Preferred currency
  • KENP rate (set your own or use latest available)
  • Time zone
  • Facebook Ads accounts to import

Connect sales & ad accounts

Publishwide imports your data every 2 hours, as long as Chrome is open.

Once you’ve installed our Chrome extension, log into all of the platforms you wish to integrate, & click start sync! This will import data from marketplaces like:

  • Amazon KDP
  • Apple Books (iTunesConnect)
  • Barnes & Noble (Nookpress)
  • Amazon Advertising (US & all international marketplaces)
  • Facebook Ads (including Instagram ads)
  • Draft2Digital
  • Kobo

Coming soon: BookBub, Google Play, ACX

Publishwide Daily Sales & Expenses Dashboard

Run reports, anywhere

Publishwide auto-assigns ads to books so you can start viewing how profitable your books are right away!

You can now slice & dice your daily data any way you want to generate the insights you need to make smarter decisions.

Your reports are accessible from any browser on any device – so you can view your reports on the go.

You can also improve your experience by:

  • Tagging your books & grouping them into series
  • Logging manual income & expenses to gain more accurate insights
  • Creating customized dashboards for your needs

100% Secure & Private

We don’t store ANY of your login credentials or cookies on our servers. Instead, your credentials are encrypted & kept safe on your own computer. We don’t even know what emails you use for your marketplace accounts.

The only data sent to our servers are sales & expense reports, which is encrypted & transferred via 256-bit AES encryption – the industry gold standard for encryption.

Your data is yours. Its never sold or shared with any other parties. You can export all of your data via CSV, and can disconnect and delete all of your account data from our servers at any time in the user settings page.

Author & Publisher TESTIMONIALS

Publishwide saves me time doing analytics and has even saved me money since it’s helped me catch Amazon Ad campaigns that were spending without delivering results. Of all the author tools I subscribe to, Publishwide is the only one I use every day.

– Donna Barker of Creative Academy for Writers

It is beautifully laid out. I get exactly the data I need, and like the filters option, especially for date ranges. I find the app quick to refresh and, double-checking its accuracy, it delivers correct data. This is probably obvious since it’s coming directly from Amazon, but I’ve used many apps where data harvesting is glitchy and untrustworthy.

Gary McAvoy a Bestselling Thriller Author

I love data so this one is fun. This app syncs your Kindle, Amazon and Facebook Ads analytics into one dashboard where you can manage them all.

Rochele Rosa a YA Fiction Author

You nailed it, here. I am a publisher, and you have solved the incredibly annoying task of reconciling Amazon sales and ad reports. I hope you push this software to its full potential, as there is a huge hole in the market there, but even as it stands, it is a huge sanity and time-saver for my business.

– Jake Mayer of Wordbound Media

What is the catch on PublishWide? The UX of the interface deserves a chef’s kiss, it just syncs automatically, and the TOS is reasonable. Are you guys funded by blood diamonds?

Sami Valentine an Urban Fantasy Author

I feel like I’ve found what I was looking for with PublishWide. I love having the integrated view of earnings and ad spend.

– J.Philip Horne a YA Fiction Author

I really love using Publishwide. It’s great for tracking our income/expenses.

– Dave of Eleventh Avenue Publishing

Plans & Pricing

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All Plans Include:

Marketplace Integrations:
Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)
Apple Books (iTunesConnect)
Barnes & Noble (NookPress)
Advertising Integrations:
Amazon Ads (All International Marketplaces)
Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
Auto importing from all integrations
Track unlimited books & ads
Lifetime Daily Royalty & Sales Data
Auto Ad-to-Book Assigning
Log Manual Expenses
Customized Dashboards
Group books by series or custom tags
View data by marketplace, author, tag, or anything else!