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Track Your Book Royalties Profits

Instantly combine daily book sales and ad expenses across multiple marketplaces into one dashboard.

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What Full Time Self-Published Authors Need to Succeed: Data

It’s easier than ever for a writer to become a self-published author.

But becoming profitable is much harder… without the right data.

Publishwide gives self-published authors deeper insights into how books are performing by combining sales data & ad expenses.

Profits > Revenues

Want to know how profitable each book is? Each series? Pen name? Get instant answers to your most important questions.

All Your Data, One Dashboard

Stop wasting hours downloading and compiling reports. Access your data online, any time, from any device.

Make Smarter Decisions

Get clearer insights into what’s working – and what isn’t. Waste less time, money and effort while boosting your sales.

What does a report look like?

Filter & group your data any way you want - then display it in a easy to understand graph

Publishwide currently connects with:

Book Marketplaces

  • Amazon (all intl marketplaces & KU)
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Apple Books
  • D2D (Coming soon!)

Ad Platforms

  • Amazon Advertising (all intl marketplaces)
  • Facebook Ads

How Does Publishwide Work?

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Connect your marketplace & ad accounts

Automatically import and match up your book sales data with ad expenses to get your true profit.
You can also add manual expenses to each book.

Assign ads & tag books

We auto-assign your ads to individual books for a more accurate ROI analysis.
Tag your books to view reports grouped up by tag (e.g. series, editor, cover designer) for even further business insights.

View your data in meaningful charts and filterable tables

Quickly see your daily profits, revenues & expenses to understand what's working, and what isn't.
Group your data by: date, marketplaces, author, titles, ads, and any custom tags you set.

What Authors Think of Publishwide...

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Turn Your Sales & Ad Data into Useful Reports

Stop wasting time jumping between different platforms, downloading reports from different sources and trying to make heads or tails of what it means.

  • Import your data automatically: Log in only once and be able to automatically pull your latest data from KDP, AMS and Facebook Ads quickly, securely, and pain free.
  • Access your data anywhere: See your data via our online dashboard - accessible from any device.
  • Group, Sort & Filter: Tag and sort your data in whatever way you need to get a better view of your trends, what works and what doesn't.

Better Reports. Better Decisions.

Sell more books with less ad spend.

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