Publishwide Sync Overview

Publishwide Sync is what we use to automatically imports your sales & ad expense data securely on a regular basis across various book sales marketplaces you connect. We encrypt all of your data and send it via secure connection to our cloud for further processing, making your profit reports available to access from any device.

You can choose to either use our Chrome extension, or our standalone desktop app, available for PC and Mac.

Publishwide Sync is required for: Amazon KDP, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Draft2Digital.



Publishwide Sync Support Guides

Common Questions About Publishwide Sync

Check out the common questions we’ve received about Publishwide Sync below. If you have any other questions, please reach out to us!

Which operating systems & devices does the Publishwide Sync App work on? 

The Publishwide Sync App comes as a Chrome extension, which works wherever you use Chrome. We also have a standalone downloadable app that works on both Mac OS and Windows. Due to the amount of reporting data trans

How does the Publishwide Sync App work?

The Publishwide sync app works in the background after you connect your marketplaces. It downloads both your sales and ad reports automatically, and sends those reports to Publishwide servers for processing.

What data does the Publishwide Sync App send to Publishwide?

The only data the app sends to Publishwide are your marketplace sales and ad expense reports. No personal login information is ever sent to Publishwide.

Are my passwords secure with the Publishwide Sync App?

Your login credentials are encrypted via 256-bit AES encryption and stored on your local device. This information never leaves your computer. When a marketplace asks to authenticate your login in the future, the app will use the locally encrypted data to verify your login status with the marketplace. For more information, read how Publishwide keeps your login credentials safe.

Why do I not see my data in the Publishwide Sync App?

The Publishwide syncing app is only used to sync your sales and expense reports with your Publishwide dashboard. To view your data, you will need to visit your Publishwide reports dashboard.