👇 What we’re working on next 👇

We will be adding in geographical location support for Facebook ads so that ads being run in one country will be attributed correctly to the correct sales channel marketplace: e.g. FB ads in the UK will be attributed to Amazon.co.uk

iTunes Connect is the second largest book marketplace for authors and the most requested marketplace our users have asked for. 

The largest Canadian marketplace for ebooks, and with a growing international presence, Kobo Writing Life has become a great source for authors looking to increase their self-publishing income.

For those lucky few who managed to get their Google Play publisher account when Google opened the floodgates, you’ll be pleased to know that Publishwide will soon include your Google Play sales reports. 

BookBub is the most powerful advertising platform for authors, as it connects them directly with voracious readers interested in their books. It also happens to be the second most requested channel from our users. 

Draft2Digital is the go-to aggregator for self publishers who want exposure to non-Amazon sales channels but either do not or cannot have accounts in those channels. 

IngramSpark is a self-publishing service that largely focuses on print books, though they do have an eBook side as well. 

Before there was Draft2Digital, there was Smashwords. Created in 2008 by self-publishing entrepreneur Mark Coker, Smashwords helped drive the self-publishing boom in those critical early days. 

The heart of Amazon’s audiobook business, ACX is rapidly gaining importance for self-publishers who want to earn additional income through their books.

While Publishwide currently supports AMS reporting, we also want our users to have the ability to manage their AMS ads directly through us. 

FB ads make up a big part of an author’s marketing efforts, and giving our users the ability to directly manage their FB ads through Publishwide will greatly improve user experience. 

Amazon Advertising campaigns allow for multiple book ads per campaign. We will be integrating this new feature into Publishwide so that your AMS data is as accurate as possible. 

Amazon recently gave authors the ability to run AMS ads in the Canada and Australia marketplaces. We will be incorporating the data for those marketplaces into Publishwide.

Though Barnes & Noble is no longer the juggernaut that it used to be, self-publishing authors continue to put their books up through B&N’s self publishing portal: Nookpress.