Use the calculator to estimate how much you'll earn from pages read on Kindle Unlimited.


Sep 2020 US Rate = $0.0045938024/KENP Page
Based on historical data, we predict a 0% increase for Oct 2020

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How is KENP royalty calculated?

This KENP read calculator converts your pages read count on Kindle Unlimited into royalty dollars. We multiply the number of KENP pages read (entered above) by the latest available US marketplace KENP rate to estimate your estimated earnings.

It's important to note that Amazon has different KENP rates depending on the marketplace. That means the royalty from KENP read in the US (.com) marketplace will be different from the royalty from a KENP read in the UK ( marketplace - same goes for all international marketplaces (CA, DE, FR, MX, IN, etc). So if most of your KU readers are from non-US markets, your royalty may differ from the value estimated above. The currency converter above still uses the US marketplace rate but converts the value to the local currency you select based on the latest conversion exchange rate.

Calculate your actual royalties from KENP automatically

Amazon recalculates its KENP rates every month and does a terrible job of presenting and estimating your earnings in their reports dashboard. Adding up the KENP read in each marketplace to estimate your earnings is a tedious process that takes up a lot of time but is crucial for budgeting. Publishwide automatically pulls your KDP KENP read data for each marketplace and estimates your earnings based on the latest reported rates - giving you a live accurate estimate of your earnings.